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Our practice is a collective of professionals, encompassing creatives, technologists, and recording engineers. Specialising in the development of multi-speaker sound installations that foster holistic healing on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

MindFidelity is dedicated to crafting immersive acoustic environments that serve as a catalyst for individuals' mindfulness practices.

Drawing inspiration from the esteemed Japanese tradition of "forest bathing," our mission is to craft sensorial encounters that faithfully capture the essence of authentic natural surroundings. Our visionary installations are designed to engage multiple senses through the integration of a fully immersive audio system, complemented by a curated physical set comprised of natural elements. In addition, we incorporate bespoke scents carefully selected for their therapeutic qualities, further enhancing the healing experience.

We aspire to engage diverse audiences and establish a presence in a range of venues for our artistic endeavors. Our exploration extends to art galleries, public spaces, work environments, and even healthcare facilities, as we strive to expand and refine our portfolio.

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