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Recording #1

About the project

In early July 2023, we embarked on a four-day recording trip to Scotland, specifically to the picturesque regions surrounding Fort William and the Cairngorm National Park. This journey was dedicated to capturing the sounds of nature in areas of extraordinary beauty. 

Throughout the trip, we recorded in a variety of diverse environments and ventured into forests, woodlands, loch sides, and coastal areas. Each location provided a unique sonic backdrop, offering an immersive tapestry of natural sounds. The diversity of environments allowed us to curate a rich and captivating collection of sounds, forming the foundation for the transformative audio experiences we envisioned.

Client: N/A

Date: July 2023

This initial trip played a pivotal role in the research and development (R&D) stage of our project, as it allowed us to discern which environments would best align with our requirements. We conducted extensive investigations to determine the optimal settings and times of day that would strike a harmonious balance between capturing compelling elements within the natural environment while maintaining a sense of simplicity and tranquility.

Our objective was to create a sonic landscape that would foster mindfulness practice effectively, and our initial testing had revealed that an excessive soundscape, filled with heightened intensity, could diminish individuals' ability to engage in mindful practices. Hence, this insightful stage of R&D allowed us to refine our understanding of the delicate equilibrium required, ensuring that our final creation would provide an immersive and serene auditory experience, conducive to mindfulness, where individuals could engage deeply and find solace amidst the sounds of nature.

Prior to embarking on our trip, we conducted comprehensive testing of various microphones and arrays to determine the optimal technical setup for our recording expedition. Through meticulous experimentation, we arrived at a preferred configuration that proved most effective in capturing the rich depth of the natural environments we encountered.

Our favored setup consisted of employing 12 omni-directional microphones strategically positioned precisely where each corresponding speaker would be situated within the final installation. This precision placement allowed us to achieve an immersive and authentic representation of the captured soundscape. Furthermore, this setup proved particularly adept at capturing the natural echoes and reverberations present in woodland environments, adding an additional layer of realism and depth to the recordings.

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