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About the project

To test and showcase the core functionality of our initial installation concepts, we undertook the development of a prototype. This crucial phase allowed us to evaluate and refine our understanding of how our carefully crafted sound palette could be effectively translated into a compelling multi-speaker format.

Over a span of two months, we engaged in an extensive testing process to hone a sonic environment that seamlessly facilitated mindfulness practices. Through careful listening and observation of the participants during our user testing, we were able to gather invaluable experiences and insights that shaped the evolution of the prototype. This iterative development process allowed us to fine-tune the installation, carefully considering the spatial distribution and immersive qualities of the soundscapes that would optimise the potential for relaxation, and emotional connection.

Client: N/A

Date: July - August 2023

Throughout this process, our utmost focus was on refining and simplifying the overall experience, striving to create a soundscape of nature that felt genuinely natural and authentic. With meticulous attention to detail, we embarked on an extensive audio post-production endeavor, aiming to enhance the captured sounds to their fullest potential.

Our commitment to authenticity and simplicity guided every decision we made during this stage, as we sought to create a seamless and captivating sonic landscape that enveloped listeners, transporting them to the serene realm of nature while effortlessly fostering a deep sense of connection and tranquility.

During our exploration, we diligently experimented with various configurations and setups for the speaker arrays. Through this iterative process, we ultimately identified two promising setups, both of which we recorded for. The first setup involves a versatile square configuration that can be flexibly adapted to accommodate different room sizes and, if necessary, transformed into a more circular arrangement. This adaptable design allows us to optimize the placement of speakers and create an immersive experience that seamlessly fills the space.

In addition, we developed a longer, rectangular setup specifically tailored for narrower rooms where the placement of central speakers across the top and bottom axis is not feasible. This configuration ensures an optimal distribution of sound, maximizing the sonic impact and enveloping the listeners in a captivating auditory environment. By meticulously considering the architectural constraints of various spaces, we were able to craft two distinct setups that cater to different room layouts, allowing us to deliver the immersive and transformative experience of our soundscapes regardless of the spatial limitations encountered.

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